Democrat Congressman Cummings: 99% of Calls to My Office Are Against Attacking Syria

Arizona Republican Congressman Matt Salmon told National Review Wednesday that only two of the 500 calls his office has received concerning Syria have supported President Obama’s planned attack.

Far more shocking, Maryland Democratic Congressman Elijah Cummings told MSNBC’s Ed Shultz Wednesday that 99 percent of the calls his office has received also oppose such an attack.

ED SCHULTZ, HOST: But Congressman, how can we assume that the Syrian people are going to say that this is not an act of war, that they only hit us with a few citizen missiles, that they only hit with us 200? I mean, we may not view it as an act of war in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the debate coming up in the House, but who is to say that the Syrian people and the Arab world isn't going to view this as some, you know, cowboy diplomacy that we've taken a shot at them, and it could inflame the entire Arab world against the United States?

CONGRESSMAN ELIJAH CUMMINGS (D-MARYLAND): Well, I got to tell you, Ed, this is the argument, the argument that you're making right now is one that I'm hearing from my constituents. I know Bernie Sanders says most of the calls coming into his office were against this effort. I can tell you 99 percent of the calls coming to my office are against it, and they are citing the types of things that you just said.

Readers are advised that Cummings' 7th Congressional District in Maryland voted 76 percent for President Obama in 2012 versus only 22.5 percent for Mitt Romney.

As such, this is a staunch Obama supporter in a largely pro-Obama district.

Will this long-standing, outspoken backer of the current White House resident vote against the wishes of his constituents to save his president from a potentially humiliating vote of no confidence?

Stay tuned.

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