Bill Maher: Tea Partiers Would Love Obama Bringing Congress in on Syria...If He Weren't Black

HBO's Real Time is currently on vacation, but host Bill Maher is still finding ways to offend conservatives while sticking a foot in his mouth.

On Saturday he tweeted, "Kudos to Barry for restoring constitution re war powers. Tea People shld luv it but of course wont cuz President Blackenstein did it":

The ignorance on display here is astonishing - even for Maher.

First, it's quite likely most Tea Partiers are pleased that Obama has decided to get Congressional oversight concerning Syria.

Claiming they won't because he's black suggests the segment of America most engaged in politics is more interested in the color of the current White House resident's skin than the Constitution and the future of the nation.

It's certainly not surprising Maher would be so clueless about what this movement is about.

Yet also ignorant was the suggestion that Obama has somehow restored the Constitution.

As conservative talk radio host and best-selling author Mark Levin points out almost on a daily basis, there's likely been no American president that has so brazenly stepped on the Constitution than Obama.

From deciding which laws his justice department is going to prosecute to which portions of ObamaCare will be implemented - and who gets exempted by a wave of his magic wand! - the current White House resident clearly has little concern for the founding governing document of our great land.

As it pertains to "war powers," Obama certainly didn't seek Congress's approval to bomb Libya in 2011; his drone program has little to no Congressional oversight.

Maybe more importantly, the only reasons Obama decided to bring Syria before Congress are England's refusal to join us and the overwhelming majority of Americans opposing an attack.

As such, there's absolutely nothing accurate in Maher's comment - not one single word of it.

You really have to be an idiot to not get anything right in 140 characters.

Kudos, Billy! We knew your ignorance had no limits!

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