Obama Skips Congressional Conference Call on Syria, Talks Jobs With Magic Johnson

The United States is about to start a war with Syria, yet President Obama still had time Thursday to meet with NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson to discuss - wait for it! - jobs.

Johnson announced the news on Twitter, and even called the current White House resident "the smartest and most powerful leader in the world":

Obama's senior advisor Valerie Jarrett later thanked Johnson for the "great meeting."

Isn't that special?

Our nation is talking about going to war, and the President of the United States has time to discuss jobs with a former basketball player.

What makes this even more disturbing is that National Security Advisor Susan Rice, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper briefed members of Congress about the situation in Syria Thursday.

It appears Obama was not involved in the conference call.

So our President doesn't have time to talk to Congress about a looming war, but he does have time to chat with a former basketball player.

That of course shouldn't be at all surprising, for back in June Obama delayed a meeting about Syria to talk to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

A man has to have his priorities you know!

(HT Twitchy)

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