Private Schools in LA Hiring Celebrity Photographers for Class Pictures

Maybe this is why Matt Damon hypocritically decided to send his kids to a private school.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, private schools serving the stars in Los Angeles are actually bringing in celebrity photographers to take class pictures.

The list includes Vince Bucci who has taken wedding pictures for Kim Kardashian and Avril Lavigne as well as snaps of virtually any celebrity you can name.

He apparently has been hired by Wildwood School and Westside Neighborhood School.

New York's Dennis Kleiman has been retained by Hollywood Schoolhouse, Temple Israel of Hollywood, and The Willows. His credits include Denis Leary, The White Stripes and Ozzy Osbourne.

"Last year we had a parent apply to the school just based on the amazing photos in the yearbook," Lisa Smith, photography teacher at Hollywood Schoolhouse told THR.

Makes you wonder if Damon's kids are going to any of these schools.

Just keep this in mind the next time some Hollywood star talks about how society needs to do more for the less-fortunate amongst us.

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