Bill Maher Is The Biggest Loser in Emmy Award History

It goes without saying that many conservatives think Bill Maher is one of the biggest losers on television.

Such sentiments are truer than you think, for as The Wrap reported Monday, Maher is BY FAR the biggest loser in Emmy Award history.

As writer Steve Pond smartly observed, All My Children star Susan Lucci was infamously snubbed by the Daytime Emmys for eighteen years in a row until she finally won in her nineteenth try.

But her failures pale by comparison to Maher's. Maher would blame Jon Stewart.

In the past 17 years, Maher has been nominated for a total of 32 Emmys going back to his Politically Incorrect days on Comedy Central. These include as a writer, a performer, and a producer.

Having yet to win in his previous 29 attempts, the HBO Real Time host is up for three Emmys this year.

But Pond thinks he'll strike out again. "He’s hardly the favorite in the Outstanding Variety Series, Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series and Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series categories"

The documentary or nonfiction series Maher's nominated for is Vice.

As a humorous aside, Maher told the Los Angeles Times's Tom O'Neil in 2008 after passing Lucci for this dubious honor,  “Why have I never won one? I wear that as kind of a badge of honor. ’Cause I’m a gangsta, so I don’t expect them to ever give it to me.”

Five years later Maher continues to add to his record as biggest loser.

You gotta love it!

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