Olbermann Invites George W. Bush on New ESPN Show

For years, Keith Olbermann mercilessly attacked George W. Bush on his MSNBC program Countdown.

Despite this, the producers of Olbermann's upcoming program on ESPN2 told the Hollywood Reporter Wednesday that they've reached out to Bush to appear on the show:

There is nothing in his ESPN contract that precludes him from talking about politics. His producers already have reached out to George W. Bush, a former owner of the Texas Rangers. They have yet to receive a yes -- or a no. (The radio silence might be attributed to the former president's recent heart surgery.)

Or the radio silence might have to do with this:

Keith Olbermann Blames 9/11 On George W. Bush

Olbermann Accuses Bush of 'Murderous Deceit,' Should 'Shut the Hell Up'

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Olbermann Accuses 'Fascist' Bush of Engaging in 'Terrorism'

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Olbermann: Is 'Authoritarian' 'Criminal' Bush 'Worst Ever' President

Olbermann Suggests 'Lying' Bush as Much a 'Threat' as Terrorists

Olbermann Calls Barbara Bush "Worst Person in the World"

Yeah, I'm sure such comments have nothing to do with why Olbermann's producers haven't heard back from Bush's people.

On the other hand, THR claimed Olbermann is also interested in interviewing President Obama.

Maybe I'm crazy, but as the 44th President could rest assured to receive nothing both softballs, this seems far more likely. 

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