Tina Brown Blasts Howard Kurtz: 'Didn't I Fire You for Serial Inaccuracy?'

August 5th, 2013 4:48 PM

Daily Beast founder and editor Tina Brown sure has a thin skin.

Responding to a seemingly innocent comment by former employee Howard Kurtz regarding Monday's New York Times article about her, Brown tweeted, "Hey @HowardKurtz am I forgetting something or didn't I fire you for serial inaccuracy?"

Kurtz told Politico via email, "I'm going to take the high road and say I'm proud of my accomplishments at the Beast and wish Tina and my friends there all the best."

For those that have forgotten, Kurtz got himself in trouble back in May when he made an errant claim that self-outed gay NBA player Jason Collins failed to disclose he was once engaged to a woman.

Kurtz subsequently apologized for his error, but was quickly dismissed by the Daily Beast. He then spent a good part of his subsequent Reliable Sources program on CNN addressing his mistake.

Since then, he's left CNN for Fox News. As such, it seems Kurtz has moved on.

Maybe it's time for Brown to do so as well.

(HT Twitchy)