Obama's Picture Used as Target in Dart Game at County Fair in Upstate New York

President Obama's picture is being used as a target in a dart game at a county fair in upstate New York.

Fairgoer Abigail Czapsky provided the following pictures to the Huffington Post:

These pictures were taken at the Otsego County Fair in Morris, New York.

Morris, a town of 1,878 people, is about 90 miles west of Albany.

For those unfamiliar with upstate New York, it is far more conservative than the perilously liberal New York City.

Readers may be aware that this isn't the first time Obama's likeness has been disgracefully used this way.

Three years ago, a carnival in Roseto, Pennsylvania, had a game where constestants shot darts at an image of a suited black man holding a healthcare bill and wearing a presidential seal.

After some complaints, the exhibit was changed to a pirate theme.

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