Seth MacFarlane's New Fox Sitcom Full of 'Disparaging Portrayals of White Men'

So much for that post-racial society we were promised if Barack Obama became the first black president.

Seth MacFarlane has a new sitcom coming to Fox this fall apparently filled with lots of racial jokes...all directed at white men, of course.

The cast and producers of Dads spoke at the Television Critics Association's summer tour Thursday, and according to The Wrap, were rather upfront about the show's content:

Stereotypes abound on "Dads," and come from the old-school-in-a-bad-way, socially out-of-step dads. One mistakes a woman of color for the maid. There's a joke likening a boxing match to a game of "punch the Puerto Rican." A young Asian woman dresses up as an anime character.

But in every case, the real target of the joke is the white male making it. [...]

"Just to be fair, these are some pretty disparaging portrayals of white men," joked star Seth Green.

Disparaging portrayals of white men.

Can you imagine any network airing a show full of disparaging portrayals of black men? Or Hispanic men? Or Asian men?

Not likely.


Well, because that would be considered racist.

And how about disparaging portrayals of women?

Can't do that. That would be sexist.

But disparaging portrayals of white men?

Good, clean fun.

Welcome to Obama's America.

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