Alan Colmes Shocker: 'Liberals Have It Wrong About Rush And Sean'

July 30th, 2013 6:28 PM

For the second day in a row, liberal talk radio host Alan Colmes has said something that will undoubtedly make the left squirm in their seats.

After marvelously saying Monday that we'll only have true equality in this country when blacks such as CNN's Don Lemon can speak against the grain without being called an Uncle Tom, Colmes on Tuesday published an article at his blog titled "How Liberals Have It Wrong About Rush And Sean."

At issue for Colmes were all the recent headlines - and the collective liberal applause! - concerning Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity supposedly losing stations as a result of left-wing boycotts.

"Cumulus and Clear Channel have been buying up stations in major markets," wrote Colmes. "Limbaugh and Hannity are syndicated by Premiere, which is owned by Clear Channel. Rather than pay fees to Cumulus to carry these shows it makes more sense to put them on their own properties, reduce local talent costs, and save those fees."

"The two top-rated talkers aren’t going anywhere," he continued. "They’re just changing dial positions and, in many cases, to better signals."

Colmes was just getting warmed up.

"[T]hese two broadcasters, with whom I vehemently, vocally, and publicly disagree politically, have done more to keep the talk radio industry alive than anyone else. It’s because of the success of these two shows that many stations have stayed in the talk format in the first place, allowing other shows to be heard."

Can you imagine how fast liberal heads will spin when they read that? Or this?

"Much as liberals don’t have nearly as many outlets as conservatives (According to TALKERS magazine, conservatives own the lion’s share of the news/talk market), it would be even worse for the left if these shows weren’t making it, because the industry would be closer to collapse at a time when terrestrial radio is struggling."

Colmes concluded, "I will continue to speak out against the views of both Limbaugh and Hannity when I feel it’s warranted, meeting their free speech with my own. But I will never forget that, without them, I’d have a much smaller platform on which to do it."


For the second day in a row, I have to say, bravo, Alan! Bravo!