White Man Told 'This Is For Trayvon Martin' As Three Black Men Mug Him, Will Media Report It?

A white man was told "This is for Trayvon Martin" as three black men mugged him in Washington, D.C., Saturday.

As you read the following report filed by CNN.com moments ago, ask yourself how much media attention this will get in the coming days:

"This is for Trayvon Martin," one of the three black men told a white man as they approached him early Saturday, according to Washington Metropolitan Police Officer Anthony Clay. [...]

The men kicked the adult white male as they took his iPhone and wallet, Clay said Sunday.

The man, who has not been publicly identified, suffered minor injuries and refused medical treatment, he said.

There have been no arrests, but police are investigating the incident as a hate crime, he said.

Although this was reported at CNN's website, it will be interesting to see if CNN or any other media outlets cover this incident.

Far more importantly, will this cause race-baiting news organizations to tone down their rhetoric concerning the George Zimmerman verdict, and maybe - just maybe - provide some more accurate reports about how our criminal justice system works and why Zimmerman had to be acquitted regardless of his possible guilt?

Stay tuned.

(HT Right Scoop)

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