Bill Maher Rips Chris Matthews for Attacking Weiner While Idolizing Clinton and JFK

Bill Maher on Friday attacked the media – particularly MSNBC’s Chris Matthews – for hypocrisy concerning how they handle sex scandals based on whether or not they like the politician involved.

The HBO Real Time host correctly pointed out that the Anthony Weiner-bashing Matthews absolutely adored John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton who were both involved in far worse sexcapades than the New York City mayoral candidate (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER: I'll just say one more thing, and then we’ll get off of this, which is that as gross as [Anthony Weiner] is, I find it even grosser the way the media tut tuts, points fingers, shames people, makes them go on shaming tours. I've seen you [Eliot Spitzer] have to go on to every show and have people point their finger. “How dare you?” Please.

The New York Times wrote in an editorial, “Mr. Spitzer, like Mr. Weiner, is a political animal” - like who in politics isn't? Of course. Obama is a political animal. Everybody who is in politics -.“who clearly finds it hard not to have an audience for these two charter members of the Kardashian Party.” I looked up Kim Kardashian on the New York Times website. They mention her 1,700 times. Just saying. They've written her name in articles about her that many times.

I, my friend Chris Matthews, I like him a lot. I see him endlessly talking about how awful. He went on and on for a whole year about his book about John F. Kennedy. He loves Bill Clinton. Never stops kissing his ass. Those two guys did things way worse.

I mean, Kennedy was so much more reckless. He was screwing the mafia mistress, East German spies, 19-year-old White House secretaries two at a time in the pool. Bill Clinton, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey, true, you know, sexual harassment. There just seems to be no sort of consistency in the media.

Actually, conservatives have routinely pointed out the hypocrisy of the supposedly feminist media idolizing Clinton and JFK.

Nice of Maher to finally notice.

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