Cornel West: Most Liberals Are ‘Morally Bankrupt’

Professor and activist Cornel West made a comment Friday evening guaranteed to anger people on the left.

In an HBO Real Time discussion about the use of drones, after calling the current President a “war criminal” for killing innocent civilians, West observed that most liberals are “morally bankrupt” because they’d condemn George W. Bush for doing this but refuse to voice opposition to Barack Obama (video follows with transcript and commentary):

LIZ MAIR, REPUBLICAN CONSULTANT: I applaud your consistency on that, and I think that that is something that many liberals in this country can do with a healthy dose of.

CORNEL WEST, PROFESSOR AND ACTIVIST: I’m not a liberal. I’m a revolutionary Christian.

MAIR: But, but, but, but there are…



MAIR: But there are many liberals, there are many liberals that would agree with you, and I think that a dose of consistency…

WEST: No, but most liberals will only say it when Bush is in office.

MAIR: Of course.

WEST: They won’t say it about a Democrat. That’s morally bankrupt. Morally bankrupt.


This of course is doubly true of media members that railed against virtually everything Bush did concerning national security but have been in lockstep with Obama continuing and even expanding the very same programs.

I guess morally bankrupt says it well.

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