Perilously Liberal John Avlon to Host CNN's First Reliable Sources Without Howard Kurtz

It appears Jeff Zucker wasn't interested in creating a more fair and balanced Reliable Sources now that former host Howard Kurtz has left CNN for Fox News.

Quite the contrary, TVNewser reported Friday that the first host of the program will be the perilously liberal Daily Beast contributor John Avlon.

Sharing the soundstage with Avlon Sunday will be Daily Beast colleagues Michael Moynihan and Josh Rogin, as well as NY1's Errol Louis and the Washington Post's Jackie Kucinich.

See any conservatives in that group?

As for Avlon, here are some of his lowlights:

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And this is the man CNN decided should host the first Reliable Sources without Kurtz in fifteen years.

Look like a "reliable source" to you?

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