Olbermann: 'Holder Should've Resigned or Been Dismissed' Before Making 'Fox News Figure a Martyr'

It's thankfully been a long, long time since we've heard from Keith Olbermann.

Unfortunately, he came out of the bathtub long enough on Monday to give a Twitter follower his opinion of Attorney General Eric Holder saying, "He should've resigned or been dismissed after the AP overreach. Instead he made a Fox News figure a martyr":

As our friends at Twitchy smartly observed:

Possible constitutional violations? Meh. Being allowed to stay on the job so long he may have unwittingly generated empathy for a reporter from a media outlet Keith Olbermann loathes? Unforgivable!

Indeed, but it is still amazing to see a liberal shill such as Olbermann actuallly state publicly that a Democrat should resign or be terminated.

Remember that this is the commentator that spent much of his time hiding in the bathtub during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

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