Bill 'The Second Amendment Is Bulls--t' Maher: 'I Ain’t Giving Up My Gun'

Bill Maher on Friday once again exposed himself as a total hypocrite.

Minutes after telling his HBO Real Time panel "the Second Amendment is bulls--t," he admitted having two firearms in his house - "one upstairs and one down" - claiming, "As long as we live in the gun country, I ain’t giving up my gun" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BILL MAHER: One of the problems with the left is that for example guns. Let's take the issue du jour. You know, this Manchin-Toomey bill that didn't even pass, you know, I mean, this was, the name of it was the Public Safety and Second Amendment Protection Act. With friends like these, who needs enemies? It actually said if you create a gun registry, it's punishable by 15 years in prison. This is coming from the so-called Democrats. Where are the people on the left standing up and saying, “Of course we need a gun registry?” Where are the people…


MAHER: Yeah, I know. Me too. I’m saying…

ANDREW ROSS SORKIN, NEW YORK TIMES: I'm with you. I’m right here.

MAHER: But they’re not represented. I keep saying where are the people on the left just to go after the Second Amendment and say the Second Amendment is bulls--t? It says a well regulated militia.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Maher has said this. He made the same statement last month.

Yet just a few minutes later came this stunning revelation:

MAHER: I say all the time on this show, as long as we live in the gun country, I ain’t giving up my gun.

S.E. CUPP: There you go.

MAHER: There have been twelve home invasions in my neighborhood in the last year.

CUPP: Of course you want one.

SORKIN: You have a gun?

S.E. CUPP: Of course he has a gun.

MAHER: I have two guns.

ZACH GALIFANAKIS: He's carrying one now.

MAHER: One upstairs and one down.

MOORE: How often do you go to a shooting range to practice?

MAHER: Few times a year.

MOORE: You need to go more than that. I mean, if you wake up in the middle of the night. Well, the middle of the night for you is ten in the morning.

MAHER: Let’s go tomorrow, Mike. Ten in the morning?

CUPP: I’m sure Bill Maher like most gun owners who are lawful gun owners is a responsible gun owner.

MAHER: Yes, of course.

MOORE: But if he’s coming out of a deep sleep and then he hears something in the house, to find your gun and in the dark try and shoot somebody...

MAHER: As opposed to what? Just getting mowed down. I don’t understand this idea.

MOORE: Get a dog.

MAHER: I have a dog too.

MOORE: That’s all you need.

MAHER: Oh, he’s about this big.

MOORE: The criminal does not want to enter…

CUPP: That's not all I will need to protect myself.

So as a result of home invasions in his neighborhood - which so happens to be the exclusive area known as Beverly Hills! - Maher owns two guns so that in case anyone tries to illegally enter his home, he won't get "mowed down."

But "the Second Amendment is bulls--t" and guns were only intended to be legal for a "well regulated militia."

It's the classic liberal "Do As I Say, Not As I Do!"

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