Chris Matthews: Biden Predicting Democrat Win in South Carolina Tuesday Could Be a Jinx

May 6th, 2013 6:22 PM

It’s not often that people on MSNBC have anything bad to say about a Democrat, especially a member of the Obama administration.

That’s why it was odd to see Hardball’s Chris Matthews Monday wonder if Vice President Joe Biden predicting Elizabeth Colbert Busch will win Tuesday’s special Congressional election in South Carolina is a jinx.

After airing footage of Biden making his prediction at a campaign stop Friday, Matthews said, “I wonder if that’s a jinx.”

“Despite [Biden] predicting victory for the Democratic contender Elizabeth Colbert Busch, that outcome is far from certain,” Matthews added before showing a recent poll finding former Republican Governor Mark Sanford now up by a point.

“Momentum according to the last couple of weeks is shifting clearly toward him," Matthews continued. "Just two weeks ago, Sanford was trailing Colbert Busch by nine. Tells you which way the wind’s blowing despite all his baggage.”