MSNBC Drops to Third in Cable News in April, First Time in Over Two Years

For the first time in over two years, the farce of a cable news network known as MSNBC dropped to third place in total viewers and primetime in April being beaten by the long-suffering CNN and of course Fox News at the top.

As TVNewser reported Tuesday, despite April being a heavy news month with disasters in Boston and West Texas, MSNBC viewership was actually down from April 2012:

Compared to April 2012 MSNBC was down -10% in total viewers and -1% in adults 25-54 in primetime. In total day, MSNBC was down -4% in total viewers and was flat in the demo. That said, coverage of the Boston bombing (and subsequent manhunt) on CNN and the Jodi Arias trial on HLN led to the channel placing fourth in the demo in total day for the month.

As NewsBusters reported last month, MSNBC got trounced by its competitors in the busy newsweek that included the Boston Marathon bombing and the fertilizer plant explosion in West Texas.

Maybe Americans are finally realizing what the Pew Research Center reported in March: almost all of what MSNBC offers is opinion and not news.

Moreover, since the opinions are so obviously biased and slanted in one direction with almost no opposing views offered, what exactly is the point of watching this channel?

At this point in time, it's basically like watching people read editorials and op-eds from the far-left Nation magazine 24/7.

The only question remaining is when cable and satellite providers are going to recognize what virtually everyone else in America has and move MSNBC away from other real news providers on their channel guides.

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