Masters Champ Bubba Watson Leaves Note in Piers Morgan's Office Calling Him a 'Pr--k'

April 2nd, 2013 11:32 PM

As NewsBusters reported last April, professional golfer Bubba Watson after winning the 2012 Masters Championship told CNN's Piers Morgan that he was a "pr--k" for how he behaved on America's Got Talent.

On Tuesday's Piers Morgan Live, Watson told the travelling Morgan that he was in his office today, and left a message for him again calling him a "pr--k."

In the middle of their interview, Watson said, “I snuck into your office without you knowing since you're not here and I left you a few notes.”

“I have seen a picture of the note,” Morgan responded, “and I intend to tweet the note later. You were your normal offensive self. Is it because I'm British?"

Morgan was true to his word and tweeted the following an hour ago:

“No, it’s just because you are that,” Watson answered.

They both laughed at this leading Morgan to say, “This is a five-letter word beginning with "p" and ending in "k" and you base this assessment of me on my performance as a judge on America's Got Talent."

“Exactly,” replied Watson, “because I wanted to be on that show, and I could never – I didn’t have any talent. So, but I really, actually, I joke of that, but you're not really a prick. You're really a nice guy.”

Morgan laughed and told his guest, “You're not supposed to say it!”

“Well,” Watson replied, “it's fun to say it because everybody around here is laughing because they know that's what you are.”

The pair laughed at this leading Morgan to say, “I don't know why I keep inviting you back. What is the point of my interviewing you if all you’re going to do is call me that?”

“It's not you inviting me back,” Watson answered. “It's everybody right here laughing right now that you can't see.”

When he finished laughing, Morgan said, “Do you know what? I really hope Tiger spanks your backside next week.”

Watson laughed and said, “Good, as long as it's not a European player. Wait, I shouldn't say that. I'm just playing.”

For real sports fans, it's nice to see a regular guy having this much fun - especially a golfer.

It's also nice to see a member of the media allowing himself to be the brunt of the joke.

*****Update: NewsBusters' friend John Ziegler responded to this article via Twitter:

This evoked a giggle from the current Masters Champion:

I may never wash my keyboard.