Piers Morgan: I'm Not Part of the Liberal Media

CNN's Piers Morgan said something Friday that will leave readers rolling on the floor laughing their rear ends off.

During a Piers Morgan Live discussion about gun control, Morgan said - with a straight face no less - "I'm not saying I'm the liberal media. I don't park myself in liberal or right-wing at all" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

PIERS MORGAN, HOST: Margaret, we got to move on to another thing of the day which is Wayne LaPierre's extraordinary performance, yet again. I will start with you, Margaret, if I may. He was right on the attack, as usual. It’s all down to the weak liberal media, presumably includes me in this, who anyone who supports gun control.

MARGARET HOOVER: He was speaking directly to you.

MORGAN: The line that really got me was this one. Let's listen to this.


WAYNE LAPIERRE: The one thing a violent rapist deserves to face is a good woman with a gun.


MORGAN: Now, the thoughts, I would imagine, Margaret, I want to you to think about it is what he’s basing it upon is every woman should therefore be armed is a logical extension of his argument which would, of course, sell millions more guns and he is, of course, financed by the gun manufacturers. So, is that what this is all about?

HOOVER: Well, I mean, Piers, I hate to use your own tool against you, but you just cited polling, and, you know, the polling across the country is not for an assault gun weapons ban with implementation of it. The polling is much more aligned not with every woman owning a gun but people are more are closer to Wayne LaPierre's position than they are to yours. If you were just going to say, you were just going to go with the majority of polling, I agree, his rhetoric is inflammatory and, sure, he’s talking to you - the liberal media.

MORGAN: Well hang on, I'm not saying I'm the liberal media. I don't park myself in liberal or right-wing at all. I can't even vote. I don't have a horse in the race.

I guess Piers doesn't realize that being part of the liberal media has nothing to do with voting.

When you go on television five days a week espousing far-left views, and do it with such gusto that you'll even fight with guests that don't agree with you, that's being part of the liberal media regardless of what you do or don't do at the ballot box.

That Morgan doesn't realize he's on the left on virtually every important issue of the day is laughable.

(HT Fox Nation)

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