Al Jazeera Gore Pushes Global Warming On Jeopardy!

With the staggering hypocrisy of having sold his failing TV network to a media outlet owned by an oil-producing nation, it's hard to believe this charlatan would be invited on a game show to promote anything.

Yet there was Al Jazeera Gore this week pushing global warming on Jeopardy! (video follows with partial transcript and commentary):

Gore's topic was "The Future," and any time a contestant picked an answer from this topic, a video clip of Gore reading the answer appeared.

The second answer read, "Looking to the future, we can’t ignore the climate crisis as we’ve done too often since back in 1859 when an Irish scientist noted the heat-trapping effect of this molecule."

Shouldn't the mere fact that this man sold his company to a network owned by an oil-producing nation disqualify him as a credible source on this issue?

Since at least 2007, NewsBusters has been exposing Gore's financial ties to fear-mongering global warming while revealing specific companies he'd made investments in to reap the benefits of his scare tactics.

This all came home to roost last month when he made an estimated $100 million selling Current TV to Al Jazeera.

Apparently Alex Trebek and the folks at Jeopardy! don't think this blatant hypocrisy disqualifies Gore from pushing his book and his theory on their program.

Maybe more importantly, must people watching a game show be bludgeoned with an unproven theory about carbon dioxide destroying the planet?

How sad that you can't even turn on a game show without being propagandized anymore.

(HT dentonexable)

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