Leno on Snowstorm Nemo: 'Massachusetts Is Now Whiter Than a Romney Family Reunion'

It seems America's media just can't get enough white jokes these days.

On NBC's Tonight Show Friday, host Jay Leno began the program taking a shot at Mitt Romney as well as the color of his skin (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JAY LENO: Well, as you know, there is a, oh my God, just a huge snowstorm going on back east. I hope everybody is doing okay. I now some folks have lost power back east. So, good luck to them. You know, I spoke to my buddy in Boston. They've already gotten a ton of snow in Boston. He said Massachusetts is now whiter than a Romney family reunion. That's how much snow.

Will jokes about Romney and white people ever get old, or will the race-obsessed media continue to bludgeon caucasians for the color of their skin?

Now in fairness, I thought this was a funny joke.

However, the double standard here is that Leno couldn't possibly say something similar involving African-Americans.

Imagine if during his opening monologue Monday he said of Sunday's blackout at the Super Bowl, "The Superdome was suddenly darker than Harlem."

That wouldn't have been acceptable, right?

He likely would have been required to make an apology.

But a similar joke about white people? Bring it on!

The point is this was just a joke and maybe one that folks found funny.

But if we are ever truly going to become a post-racial society, then all race-oriented jokes should be acceptable, not just those aimed at white people.

If that's not going to be the case, then all race-oriented jokes should be verboten - including the caucasian ones.

A white guy can dream, can't he?

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