Larry King Bashes Piers Morgan: 'Show Is a Lot About Him as Much as the Guests'

January 10th, 2013 8:12 PM

Former CNN anchor Larry King took a shot at replacement Piers Morgan Thursday saying that his show "is a lot about him as much as the guests."

Rather comically, King with a straight face told HuffPost Live, "I never gave opinions" (video follows with transcript and commentary):













MARC LAMONT HILL, HOST: What do you think of Piers Morgan these days?

LARRY KING: I watch him occasionally. He’s very different from me. I never gave opinions. Piers gives his opinions. The show is a lot about him as much as the guests. I used to make the guests the star of the show…He’s so different from me, it’s very hard to compare styles I think. I just, I don’t work that way.

HILL: Do you think there’s any danger in having long-term success making the host the center of the show as opposed to the guests the way you did?

KING: Well, I did, a lot about today’s shows – not just Piers, a lot of shows - they make it about the host and the guest becomes a prop to the host, and I never liked that. You know, I think the guest counts. You could still ask good questions. You could ask hard questions. You could ask probing questions. But it’s not about you. If you turn on a show, any show, and if half the time the host is talking, something’s wrong.

I used to have a motto, which I hold to this day doing my new show as well, is that I never learned anything when I was talking.

Actually, there are probably millions of Americans that never learned anything when King was talking.

As for him never giving his opinions, here are some examples demonstrating how absurd a statement that is:

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You were saying, Larry?