WaPo Associate Editor Compares Obama Prayer Vigil Speech To Gettysburg Address

December 18th, 2012 10:28 AM

The media's gushing and fawning over the current White House resident knows no bounds.

Shortly after the President finished speaking at the Sandy Hook prayer vigil Sunday, Washington Post editor and Barack Obama biographer David Maraniss tweeted, "People will long remember what Barack Obama said in Newtown...his Gettysburg address":

That was preceded by:

Regardless of what Maraniss thought of this speech, wouldn't Obama actually have to accomplish something after for it to be anything more than lofty rhetoric?

As Jim Hoft observed Sunday, "Lincoln wrote his speeches, was fighting a Civil War and actually matched his words with deeds. Obama has done nothing on the weapons front except run guns to Mexico."


Maraniss offered further insight into his political views with this tweet Saturday:

Gun control then climate change.

So Maraniss like so many of his ilk not only believes that the naturally occurring and vital to life trace gas carbon dioxide needs to be regulated, but also that by doing so man can actually control planetary temperatures.

Did I mention this man won a Pulitizer Prize?