Bill Clinton: Romney Would Have Won If Not For Hurricane Sandy

This will surely cheer up Republicans suffering from post-election depression.

Former President Bill Clinton told Mitt Romney Monday he would have won the presidency if not for Hurricane Sandy.

According to ABC News's Chris Good, Romney held a number of conference calls with top donors Wednesday. During one of them, Romney said he had gotten a call from Clinton this past Monday.

“I spoke with president Clinton the day before yesterday, he called and spent thirty minutes chatting with me," Good reported Romney saying.

"He said a week out I thought you were going to win. And he said, but the hurricane happened, and it gave the president a chance to be presidential, and to look bipartisan, and you know he got a little more momentum, and of course he also said that when he was watching Ann speak at the Republican convention, he decided he was tempted to join the Republican Party. So he may have just been effusive with generous comments as he chatted.”

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