NYT Howler: 'A Megaphone for Liberal Politicians...Has Never Existed Before on Television'

With Barack Obama's victory Tuesday, Americans are in for more puff pieces about the so-called "news network" MSNBC which sings his praises 24/7 while omitting or dishonestly spinning all of his failures.

Doing his part Monday was the New York Times' Brian Stelter who in the midst of dribbling all over one of the biggest jokes on television actually said the following (readers are advised to remove all fluids and flammables from computer proximity while making sure there's absolutely nothing in their mouths):

Many progressives (and conservatives) now view the channel as a megaphone for liberal politicians, ideas and attacks against those who disagree. Such a megaphone — clearly marked, always on — has never existed before on television.


I guess Stelter has never heard of ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, or PBS.

Alas, his own biases were present throughout the piece including this absurdity, "Fox sees itself as the voice of the opposition to the president."

No, Fox sees itself as the opposition to the mainstream media that champions liberal politicians and causes by oftentimes presenting falsehoods or intentionally omitting or whitewashing events that go counter to left-wing fantasies.

But in reality, we should be thankful that Stelter and others are reporting MSNBC's biases.

It not only exposes to the nation what a joke this network is, it also makes our job easier.

Thanks, Brian.

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