Romney Could End Up With Less Votes Than McCain Got In 2008

What happened to all that Republican enthusiasm we heard talk about since the Tea Party took America by storm?

With 95 percent of Tuesday's ballots counted, it appears Mitt Romney could end up with less votes than John McCain got in 2008 when all the planets lined up against the GOP.

At press time, Romney has 56,972,497 votes.

In 2008, McCain got 59,934,814.

If only five percent of the votes are still left to be counted as reported by the Associated Press, this means there may be a little over six million ballots remaining.

Romney would have to get 48.3 percent of those just to match McCain's total.

Of course, even if that were to happen, this would have to be viewed as a terrible showing for Romney.

All we've been hearing for months was that there was far more enthusiasm this election for Republicans.

To be sure, Obama's tally is down from 2008 as Democrat enthusiasm couldn't possibly match what we saw four years ago.

But if the numbers hold out as the rest of the votes are tallied, and Romney ends up below or slightly above McCain's total, the Republicans must seriously consider how this could have happened in a year when all signs pointed towards a GOP wave.

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