World Series Winner Wears 'I Just Look Illegal' T-shirt to Giants Victory Parade

Relief pitcher Sergio Romo was a huge part of the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series Sunday.

At Wednesday's victory parade, the pitcher made an even stronger statement by wearing an "I Just Look Illegal" t-shirt.

It seems a rather strange statement for a man born in Brawley, California, to be making at a celebration of America's pastime.

Not according to Drop the I-Word campaign's Monica Novoa who told, “Romo used his platform to show how ridiculous the notion is for anyone to be considered ‘illegal.’ He also is pointing to how this dehumanizing, inaccurate language goes hand in hand with racial profiling.”

"How ridiculous the notion is for anyone to be considered ‘illegal.’" Isn't that what laws are about?

Apparently not, as former Washington Post Pulitzer Prize-winning author and immigration advocate Jose Antonio Vargas voiced his support via Twitter Wednesday:

No human being is illegal?

Isn't that anarchy?

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