Piers Morgan Interviews Michael Moore for 48 Minutes Without Mentioning 'C--kpunch Romney' Video

NewsBusters reported Monday that schlockumentarian Michael Moore created a tremendously vile anti-Romney campaign video for MoveOn.org that included seniors uttering vulgar threats at the Republican presidential nominee.

On Wednesday, CNN's Piers Morgan did a 48 minute interview with Moore without asking him one single question about this disgraceful video.

As NewsBusters reported, the video in question featured one senior threatening that if voter suppression results in Romney winning the election Tuesday, "we will burn this motherf---er down!"

Another senior in the video says, "If the Republicans steal this election, I'm going to track down Mitt Romney and give him the world's biggest c---punch."

Stories about this video were all over the internet Monday and Tuesday including the popular website the Drudge Report.

As such, one would have thought this would have been a hot topic for Morgan to discuss with Moore especially given Morgan's Hollywood Reporter interview published Wednesday wherein he said of CNN, "We should collectively as a network be more aggressive, more provocative, more debate-y."

Morgan mustn't have been talking about himself for when he got 48 minutes one on one with the man who just days earlier released by far the most vile and vulgar campaign video in American history, he chose not to bring it up at all.

Moore was introduced twelve minutes into the program. For the next four minutes, despite being a Michigan native, he discussed Hurricane Sandy and CNN's coverage of the disaster.

After a commercial break, Morgan and Moore continued to discuss the storm as well as the surprising fondness it sparked between President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Morgan opened the next segment to address hospital closures in Manhattan as a result of the storm, and eventually discussed this issue with Moore for about 90 seconds.

Then the pair chatted for five minutes about the connection between Sandy and global warming despite Moore having absolutely no scientific credentials to offer any credible opinion on the subject.

From there it was four and a half minutes on Moore's belief that if all the people not interested in voting next Tuesday did, Obama would win in a landslide.

Finally, at the end of the program, Moore discussed CNN's coverage of the storm for about a minute with Ali Velshi.

Add it all up and Morgan had Moore sitting in front of him for 48 minutes, 22 of which while cameras were focused on the man that just released the most vile campaign video in American history.

Not once did Morgan ask his guest about it. Not once.

Do you think that would have been the case had Moore made a vile video about Obama?

Is there a snowball's chance in hell he would have been given 22 minutes to offer his opinions about the storm, CNN's coverage of it, global warming, and voter turnout?

Or do you think Morgan would have been "more aggressive, more provocative, more debate-y," hammering Moore about such a video?

Of course, that's a rhetorical question. Every reader, likely even the liberal ones, knows the correct answer.

As such, CNN with its pathetic ratings and seeming slide towards irrelevance should seriously consider what value someone like Morgan represents to the network if he's going to interview a controversial figure who's just produced a controversial video and because of his liberal political views isn't going to ask about it.

Unless of course the executives at CNN as a result of their own liberal political views are pleased with such an oversight thereby explaining further the network's pathetic ratings and seeming slide towards irrelevance.

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