Introducing 'Ryan Girl' Singing 'Let's Get Fiscal'

In 2008, the YouTube video "Crush on Obama" introducing "Obama Girl" swept the nation with astonishing speed and media attention.

On Saturday, a new video hit YouTube called "Let's Get Fiscal" featuring Maredith Walker as "Ryan Girl" singing and aerobicizing to a reworked version of Olivia Newton John's 1980s hit "Let's Get Physical" (video follows with lyrics and commentary):

You’re saying all the things that I know are right, making good calculations
They want us to think you’re bad, but I can do the math.
I love it that your plan saves Medicare, your budget has a sexy flair.
There’s nothing left to talk about except the economy!

Let’s get fiscal, fiscal.
I wanna get fiscal,
Let’s get into solvency.
Let me hear reality, reality.
A dose of that reality.
Let’s get fiscal, fiscal.
I wanna get fiscal, save Social Security.
Time to make Obama walk, no more talk.
Time to make Obama walk.

I’ve been patient, I’ve been good, waited for recovery.
It’s getting hard, where are the jobs? Don’t want to be like Greece.
We all know that printing money’s bad, unlike that old guy Bernanke.
You gotta know that you’re bringing out the numbers nerd in me!

Let's get fiscal, fiscal.
I wanna get fiscal.
Let me see those baby blues, that chiseled chest.
Talk CBO estimates.
Let’s get fiscal, fiscal.
I wanna get fiscal.
Let’s forget the spending sprees.
Give me some reality, reality.
Whisper straight talk to me.

Let’s get fiscal, fiscal.
I wanna get fiscal.
Let’s get fiscal sanity.
Let me see you pull that bow, kill that doe.
Spending bills have got to go

Let’s get fiscal, fiscal.
I wanna get fiscal.
Let’s get back our triple A.
I wanna get debt free,get debt free.
Time for real transparency.

I know Paul you’ll talk the talk and walk the walk.
I know Paul you’ll walk the walk.

As you likely recall, Obama Girl was all the rage in 2008 doing morning shows and getting gushed and fawned on by much of the liberal media.

Will Ryan Girl make such a splash, or is such attention only for songs about candidates the press adore?

Could the Obama-loving media actually be interested in someone from Winston Salem, North Carolina, who dreamed as a little girl of becoming the next Ann Coulter and co-founded the Young Republicans Club in her high school?

Stay tuned.

Update: Walker wanted readers to be aware of the following:

Just to clarify (I saw a comment on your post re: this issue), I in no way, shape, or form meant anything inappropriate toward Ryan or his beautiful wife, Janna. I actually made it a point before the shoot to say that I didn't want to take part in anything that could be misconstrued as anything other than silly comedy and a jab at the countless Obama videos. I love their marriage and think more couples should look to their example along with that of our future President Romney and First Lady, Ann.

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