Gang-Raped Indonesian Girl Expelled for 'Tarnishing School's Image'

A 14-year-old Indonesian girl was expelled Monday for "tarnishing" her school's image as a result of being gang-raped by a child trafficking syndicate.

Due to the media frenzy this kicked off, this absurd decision has been overturned.

The Jakarta Post reported Wednesday that the girl came to school on Monday to take a mid-semester test after missing classes for one month as a result of the rape.

Following a flag-hoisting ceremony, a speech was given by a member of the staff of the school foundation informing students that the school “could no longer accept a student that has tarnished the school’s image.”

When the girl went to her classroom, she was told by a teacher to pack up and leave. 

Her mother was asked by the school to attend a meeting with the principal, but ended up being totally ignored when she arrived. 

According to the Post, the Depok Education Agency stepped in on Tuesday reversing the school's decision. As of Tuesday, the girl had not returned to school.

How can you blame her? According to the Post, her ordeal was awful.

She apparently befriended a man on Facebook named Den Gilang aka Yugi. He's believed to target mostly minors on the social networking website.

The girl told police that after meeting Yugi, he forced her to have sex with numerous men that were under the influence of alcohol. He also told her that she was about to be sold to someone in Batam, Riau Islands.

As a result of media reports concerning her disappearance, she was dropped off at the Depok terminal.

The Post reported that the police in Bogor believe Yugi is a repeat offender, and that he is part of the country's human trafficking syndicate.

He and his accomplices remain at large.

It sure is a scary world out there.

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