Andrew Sullivan: Drudge, Carlson and Hannity Yelled 'Remember He's a N---er' About Obama Last Week

The Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan clearly hasn't gotten over last week's horrible debate performance by the President of the United States.

In an article entitled "Behind The Obama Implosion," Sullivan wrote Sunday evening, "If Obama was rattled by Drudge, Carlson and Hannity yelling 'Remember he's a n---er!' the days before, then the Romney campaign has gotten into Obama's usually impermeable head."

Readers are advised that Sullivan actually wrote out the N-word. We decided to edit if for decency.

For those not understanding what Sullivan was talking about - it's easy, we know! - last week the Daily Caller released a videotape of then Senator Obama (D-Ill) making a racially-charged speech at Hampton University in June 2007.

The Drudge Report was first to announce the DC's findings Tuesday afternoon, followed by Sean Hannity on his television program on Fox News later that evening.

I guess to someone like Sullivan, publishing a videotape of the President is the equivalent of "Drudge, Carlson and Hannity yelling 'Remember he's a n---er!'"

On the other hand, given Sullivan's initial response to last week's debate wherein he called it "a disaster," he appears to still be reeling.

Can you blame him?

(HT NB reader Tom Kondaks)

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