Mark Levin: Media Racist For Not Reporting Fast & Furious

"It’s my contention right now that these white, liberal media outlets are racist based on the priorities of what they cover and what they don’t cover."

So said conservative talk radio host Mark Levin in Monday's opening monologue about the media's refusal to cover Mexican homicides associated with the Obama administration's failed "Fast and Furious" program as well as countless black murders in Chicago (video follows courtesy our dear friends at The Right Scoop with transcript and commentary):

MARK LEVIN: Ladies and gentlemen, I have a serious question for you: are the national media in this country racist? We have this Fast and Furious story. It’s been percolating really for years mostly due to the conservative press and somewhat CBS News, one reporter at CBS. Fast and Furious. Dozens of people have been murdered with weapons the Obama administration encouraged gun stores to sell to drug cartels. Dozens of people have been killed, the vast majority of whom are Mexicans, but including Americans. And during the few press conferences, few opportunities the media have to question Obama, they don’t ask him anything.

Is this not a national scandal for this administration? How many scandals do you have all these dead bodies involved in?

We have all these murders going on in our inner cities, but in particular Chicago. To be blunt, mostly black people, and mostly black teenagers and little kids because of the gang wars that are going on. Are we getting the appropriate amount of national news coverage on this? No we’re not.

Instead, we get day in, day out Obama propaganda and talking points. Today it’s he’s not a very good debater, so Romney has the upper-hand. Obama’s the underdog. Look how they try to set us up and position everything. Last week it was Romney can’t win, look at the polls. This week it’s it’s too close to call, the polls are tightening up right before the debate. That’s why I say, “Ignore the polls. Ignore all the discussions about the polls. They don’t matter.”

But I have a serious question: when you look at the major news programs, every single anchorman or woman is white. I’m not into this race-baiting stuff, but I’m making a point. Every single one of them is liberal. We can tell, we know. And they’ve all but ignored Fast and Furious resulting in the murder of innocent Mexican citizens, resulting in the murder of Brian Terry, our border patrol agent, and it barely gets any attention. Who goes out and does the most unbelievable story, a one-hour special? Univision, a Spanish network, a Spanish-speaking network I should say. Univision.

And who’s doing the stories on what’s going on in Chicago? BET? No. Well who’s doing them? Nobody. Maybe locally of course, but nationally, where are they?

So it’s my contention right now that these white, liberal media outlets are racist based on the priorities of what they cover and what they don’t cover.

It’s easy to be backing Obama all the time. Big deal. But digging for hard news about what’s going on? This Univision thing is unbelievable what they discovered. We’ve a massive governmental cover-up under the Obama administration just like we do on Libya and the murder of our ambassador and three others, and these cover-ups are only going to get worse if Obama’s reelected because he’s going to think he has a mandate and nobody can touch him.

And they'll only get worse if media continue to give the administration a pass.

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