Robert Reich: 'Romney Might Still Win'

While liberals and their media minions across the fruited plain call Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney dead as a result of what they believe are serious missteps the past couple of weeks, Robert Reich, Bill Clinton's Labor Secretary, thinks it's too early to celebrate.

Writing in the Huffington Post Thursday, Reich offered "Four Reasons Why Romney Might Still Win" (photo courtesy AP).

"Between now and Election Day," observed Reich, "come two jobs reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics."

"If they're as bad as the last report," he continued, "Romney's claim the economy is off track becomes more credible, and Obama's that it's on the mend harder to defend."

"With gas prices rising, corporate profits shrinking, most of Europe in recession, Japan still a basket case, and the Chinese economy slowing, the upcoming job reports are unlikely to be stellar."

No they aren't, and as Reich correctly stated, they could decide the election regardless of what has or happened the past two weeks.

Next, Reich addressed the upcoming debates saying, "Yes, Romney is an automaton -- but when the dials are set properly he can give a good imitation of a human engaged in sharp debate. He did well in the Republican primary debates.

"Obama, by contrast," warned Reich, "can come off slow and ponderous. Recall how he stuttered and stumbled during the 2008 Democratic primary debates. And he hasn't been in a real-live debate for four years; Romney recently emerged from almost a year of them."

It is interesting how many of the Obama-loving media have expressed similar concerns about the upcoming debates.

Although they view the current White House resident as the favorite, they're worried that he's out of practice and might come off as aloof and disengaged much as George H.W. Bush did in his debates with Bill Clinton.

The third reason Romney might still win according to Reich is Romney's financial advantage.

"During the next 7 final weeks of the campaign, the anti-Obama forces will be spending a gigantic amount of money. Not just the Romney campaign and Romney's super PACs, but other super PACs aligned with Romney," Reich correctly noted.

"It's an easy bet they'll far outspend Obama and his allies. I've heard two-to-one."

If that's the case, this could be huge.

Finally, Reich trotted out the bogus claim Republicans are trying to suppress votes.

"To date, 11 states have enacted voter identification laws," whined Reich, "all designed by Republican legislatures and governors to dampen Democratic turnout."

Actually, they're designed to make sure that only legal voters that are still living cast ballots.

Not surprisingly, Democrats hate that.

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