Roseanne Barr: 'You'd Think Israel Had Oil the Way Our "Leaders" Keep Their Lips On Its Ass'

"Jeez, you'd think Israel had oil the way our 'leaders' keep their our [sic] lips on its ass."

So poorly wrote comedian Roseanne Barr in a piece published by the Huffington Post Thursday entitled "I Approve This Message":

"I'm glad I have a chance to say a few words about money in Politics, because this issue is really at the heart of it all, like a clogged, throbbing artery," began Barr.

After some "history" of campaign finances - spoken as only the clueless Barr can! - she moved on to attack Mitt Romney and some of his benefactors.

"In the same category as Romney and hateful uber-nerds like the Koch brothers," wrote Barr, "we have Sheldon Adelson, casinos-in-China magnate and who knows what else, who can casually toss an extra hundred million bucks at the Romney machine so it can buy ads telling people that they're going to Hell along with what's left of America if they don't kick the Black Communist from Kenya out of the Lily White House."

"Unfortunately," she continued, "Adelson also thinks that America exists primarily to provide money and muscle to Israel and do the bidding of Benjamin Netanyahu. Jeez, you'd think Israel had oil the way our 'leaders' keep their our [sic] lips on its ass."

"What they do have," Barr added, "is a sweetheart Foreign Aid deal with supposedly cash-strapped America whereby we give them money and they buy weapons from us so they can remain the sheriff in town in the part of the world that does have oil."

"They're our special friends, like Saudi Arabia," continued Barr, "only they're Jewish, and they don't have oil. Get it? Me either, but they both buy tons of weapons from American Arms merchants, because, after all, all God's children need expensive, high-tech weapons."

And this woman used to have her own television show.

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