CNN Washington Bureau Chief: MSNBC's Convention Coverage 'A Cheering Section for the Democrats'

"If you watch MSNBC during convention coverage, you have a cheering section for the Democrats."

Such was quite accurately said by CNN's Washington bureau chief Sam Feist Tuesday.

In an interview with the Huffington Post last month, Feist also claimed that CNN is the only cable news channel that hasn't picked a side in this election.

"Not every voter wants to be told how to vote," Feist told the Post. "CNN will give viewers and voters an opportunity to hear both sides."

Well, we beg to differ.

Although no network is as biased as MSNBC, here are some recent examples of CNN leaning way too far to the left:

Piers Morgan Panders to Fluke, Doesn't Press Rep. Israel on His Inaccurate Statement about House GOP

CNN Lavishes Praise on 'Oratorical Genius' Bill Clinton

Paul Ryan Schools Piers Morgan: Obama Has 'Made Things Worse'

Piers Morgan Backs Obama Spin, He 'Inherited the Mother of All Hospital Passes'

CNN Hypes 'Candidate of Hope' Obama Who's a 'Leader Driven to Make History'

CNN Goes Ga-Ga for Obama: Michelle's Speech 'Probably a Grand Slam'

CNN to Fluke: Does Limbaugh Calling You a ‘Slut’ Reflect ‘Romney and the Republican Party?’

Scott Walker Schools Piers Morgan Trying to Fact-Check Ryan Speech

Piers Morgan Says Todd Akin Controversy Supports Narrative That GOP Is 'Anti-Women'

GOP Congressman Smacks Down Piers Morgan's Liberal Talking Points

Michele Bachmann Tells Piers Morgan 'You're Reading Directly Off the Obama Talking Points'

Roland Martin: 'Of Course I Stand Out' as 'Black Man' at the RNC

CNN Analyst Ridicules 'Sledgehammer' GOP Platform on Abortion

Artur Davis Schools CNN: 'Easy' 'to Do What You Guys Are Doing'

Wolf Blitzer Asks If GOP 'Problem' With Women Is Over Competely Pro-Life Platform

CNN Warns of Extremism, Exclusion In GOP; Touts 'Humongous' Gender Gap

CNN Contributor Cites Bush's Katrina Fiasco to Ask If GOP Is 'Worried' About Hurricane

All of these reports could have been filed by the "cheering section for the Democrats" aka MSNBC.

Just saying.

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