Letterman Depicts Koch Brothers As Running 'Dirtbag Multinational Corporation'

The media's seemingly incessant attacks on the Koch brothers continued Wednesday.

On CBS's Late Show, host David Letterman aired an insulting mock ad by the Republican National Committee that depicted the Kochs as running a "dirtbag multinational corporation" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST: Many politicians - it seems like here lately it's Republicans - are getting themselves in trouble. So the Republican National Committee got together and said we have to have a standard way of handling these situations when members of the Republican Party do ridiculous things. They put together a template for how people behave after they're caught doing something ridiculous. Watch this.


ANNOUNCER: We here at the Republican National Committee offer heart-felt apologies to the good people of -- name of state here -- for the behavior of -- name of Congress person here. We were appalled that the Congress person offended people who are – gender, sexual orientation, race or religion here – with his – insensitive remark, suspect behavior in restroom, naked frolicking or general grab-ass here. This message from the Republican National Committee was paid for by -- blowhard casino tycoon or dirtbag multinational corporation here.



LETTERMAN: See, there you go.

As the announcer said "blowhard casino tycoon or dirtbag multination corporation," the following picture appeared:

Pictured from left to right were Las Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson, Donald Trump, and Charles and David Koch.

Can you imagine Letterman or anyone else in the media so disparaging billionaires that contribute to Democrats and/or liberal causes?

Of course not.

To people such as Letterman, despite how many Americans you employ or how much you donate to charity, you're only a "blowhard" or a "dirtbag" if you back Republicans and/or conservative causes.

Funny how that works, isn't it?

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