Bob Schieffer Asks Ryan 'Do You Think Romney's Been Too Defensive About Bain Capital?'

For months now the Obama-loving media have been tearing Mitt Romney to pieces over his involvement with the private equity firm he founded and once led.

Despite this, during an interview with the presumptive Republican presidential and vice presidential nominees on CBS's Face the Nation Sunday, host Bob Schieffer actually had the gall to ask Paul Ryan, "Do you think [Romney's] been too defensive about Bain capital?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

BOB SCHIEFFER, HOST: You made a point of, of, of praising Governor Romney for his accomplishments as governor of Massachusetts and at Bain Capital. I'm just going to put you on the spot here.


SCHIEFFER: Do you think he's been too defensive about Bain capital…

RYAN: No, not at all.

SCHIEFFER: and about his role as governor of Massachusetts?

Yes, despite months of media pounding on this issue, Schieffer really did ask that.

Here was Ryan's answer:

RYAN: No, I think, what I see happening is the president has a terrible record so he can't run on that. He didn't moderate his positions whatsoever throughout his term. So he doesn't really have much to run on. So he's going to try and run on these distractions. He's going to try and divide people, to distract people to try and win this election. And that's why these attacks against a record that is outstanding.

And of course that's why media members such as Schieffer have also been focusing so much attention on this issue: to distract the public from more important things such as the economy and the federal debt.

But I digress:

RYAN: It's a record of creating businesses and turning around struggling businesses. That's what we want to see happen throughout the country because it creates more jobs, it creates better take home pay, it gives people better futures. Why wouldn't we want a leader like that who knows how to make those kinds of executive decisions in the White House to help us turn this economy around?

In Schieffer's case, he would - if that person were a Democrat.

Clearly, Republicans need not apply.

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