CNN's Gloria Borger: Paul Ryan Is 'A Polarizing Figure'

The attacks on newly announced Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan came fast and furious on CNN Saturday.

Just before Candy Crowley said this "looks a little bit like some sort of ticket death wish," Gloria Borger called Ryan "a polarizing figure" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

WOLF BLITZER, CNN: He's a huge rising star in the Republican Party.

GLORIA BORGER, CNN: Right. And what's interesting is that Paul Ryan hasn't always been popular among Republicans. I mean, he's proposed a lot of unpopular things over the years including taking away earmarks. And, but only I think after the Tea Party really took hold did Republicans, and you had a bunch of new Republicans in, did they sort of say, “Look at this Ryan budget. It actually makes sense to us because it has solutions that we can sign on to.” And then suddenly you saw the Republicans embrace it almost unanimously in the House of Representatives. And now you saw Democrats running against it. That's going to continue.

The debate is going to continue because Paul Ryan is a polarizing figure. I mean, there is an ad done by Democrats having somebody who looks like Paul Ryan pushing a grandma off the cliff.

Did you follow that?

Because Democrats shamefully made an ad depicting Ryan pushing a grandmother off a cliff, he's a polarizing figure.

Shouldn't that make the Democrats responsible for the ad polarizing?

Sadly, for a shill like Borger, that would require far too much impartiality not to mention logic.

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