Maria Conchita Alonso: Obama Reelection Moves U.S. Towards Becoming Chavez's Venezuela

As NewsBusters has reported over the years, Venezuelan actress Maria Conchita Alonso is no fan of her native country's current despotic ruler Hugo Chavez.

During a Spreecast interview with Steve Malzberg Wednesday, Alonso said that if Barack Obama wins reelection in November, America would be making a step towards becoming like Chavez's Venezuela "in the near future" (video follows with transcript, relevant section at 17:40):

STEVE MALZBERG: One other question about Obama. Again, Hollywood, your industry embraces Obama, has fundraisers in their homes for Obama, yet Obama wants to punish people who are successful. Don’t’ the people in Hollywood understand that Obama will go after them and is going after them?

MARIA CONCHITA ALONSO: I guess not, but you know what? They will understand when it touches them. Sadly that's what happens. A lot of people voted for Chavez I believe in the first term – which that’s the only one I believe that he won for real – and, and because he lied. And then, like more than half of the people that voted for him started realizing because then they started being, you know, punished like. They took away their jobs, you know, because they became like, they, they closed down stores, they closed down super markets. Venezuela was a country that exported so much food. We had all the medicines in the world. Now we are importing everything because he has destroyed the economy.

MALZBERG: Maria, do you believe if Obama wins again we could wind up like Venezuela in any way?

ALONSO: Well, I think that would be a step forward that, moving forward there.

MALZBERG: You mean a step towards that, a move in that direction. You mean we’ll move in that direction towards Venezuela?

ALONSO: Yeah, I don’t mean that that’s going to happen in the next term, but in more time that there will be to make that happen in the near future.

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