John McLaughlin: New Solyndra Revelations 'Will Become Damaging to Obama's Reelection'

PBS's John McLaughlin this weekend predicted that new revelations about failed solar panel manufacturer Solyndra "will become damaging to Barack Obama's reelection" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN: The Obama administration pumped millions of taxpayer dollars into Solyndra, the solar panel manufacturing firm. At the time the White House knew it would be cheaper to allow Solyndra to go bust according to a new Congressional report. I predict that this will become damaging to Barack Obama's reelection. Bye bye.

I'm not sure I agree with McLaughlin on this one.

Solyndra has been boycotted by Obama's media since it first went bankrupt.

Exactly why would they start reporting it now regardless of what else materializes, especially with only three months to go before Election Day?

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