Daniels? George Stephanopoulos Botches Olympics Sweetheart Gabby Douglas's Last Name

Gabby Douglas just captured America's hearts with a stirring victory as women's gymnastics all-around gold medalist at the Summer Olympics in London.

Despite this, George Stephanopoulos on ABC's This Week Sunday actually botched her name calling her Gabby Daniels (video follows with transcript and commentary):

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Overall medal count right now, neck and neck. Gold medals, US over China 27 to 25. That's on the gold medals. Tied in overall medals, 55 each with China. Van, let me go to you, your best moment of the week.

VAN JONES: Watching Gabby's mom.


JONES: Gabby Daniels' mom break down in tears. You know the story. Here is this kid, she grew up in poverty, she never (inaudible). Her mom has to send Gabby away to a family she doesn't know. That family takes her in. She's mothering her kid by Skype. And she shows up at the Olympics, that little girl gets the gold medal. That's America. We're one family. Color doesn't matter. It's having that common goal.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And that is America. She's now on the cover of the corn flakes box. Steven Rattner.

STEVEN RATTNER: I was actually going to say the same thing. You know, when you watch these young kids, it's so amazing to see how hard they try, the stress (ph), the way they perform, but when you see someone like Gabby come from where she came and what she gave up and what she had to do to succeed was really quite amazing.

I guess all these people were so impressed with Gabby they didn't know her last name was Douglas.

Readers are advised the above transcript was taken directly from ABCNews.com with the only alterations being the addition of first names to the speakers.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you America's media.

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