Colorado Governor Schools Candy Crowley: Stricter Gun Laws Wouldn't Have Prevented Massacre

July 22nd, 2012 10:17 AM

CNN's Candy Crowley got a much-needed education Sunday on the uselessness and futility of stricter gun laws in the wake of Friday's movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado.

As she pushed Governor John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.) to agree that tighter gun restrictions are needed to prevent such incidents in the future, the Democrat pushed back, "If there were no assault weapons available, there were no this or no that, this guy’s going to find something...He’s going to know how to create a bomb" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

As her State of the Union interview with Hickenlooper proceeded, Crowley predictably asked, "Do you see any law anywhere that could stop a man with no record in a society that protects the second amendment that might have prevented this?"

Hickenlooper responded, "We’ve been looking at the shootings all across the country and try to say, ‘How do we preserve our freedoms?’ Right? All those things that define this country and yet try to prevent something like this from happening? Let me tell you that there’s no easy answer."

Undeterred, Crowley tried again saying, "What I hear from you is that you would be open to people who want to suggest a gun law or something that might prevent this sort of thing, but at the moment you can’t imagine what that would be."

"I’m happy to look at anything," answered Hickenlooper, "but again, this person, if we had, if there were no assault weapons available, there were no this or no that, this guy’s going to find something, right? He’s going to know how to create a bomb."

"Who knows where his mind would have gone? Clearly a very intelligent individual however twisted," Hickenlooper continued. " That’s the problem. This is really, this is a human issue in some profound way, this level of disturbed individual that we can’t recognize it. The people around him obviously had no idea this was something that he was capable of."

Indeed, an immutable fact the gun-hating media just don't seem to get.

The reality is lunatics like James Holmes are going to find ways to kill people when they snap. Tighter gun restrictions won't prevent it.

Yet every time something like this happens, despite there now being a bipartisan and public consensus against stricter gun laws, media members such as Crowley continue their assault on the second amendment.

Kudos to Hickenlooper, despite the pain his citizens are currently feeling, for standing his ground.