Spike Lee: If Obama Loses 'I Will Be Dead Before' There's Another Black President

Filmmaker Spike Lee said Monday that if Barack Obama loses his reelection bid in November, "I will be dead before" there's another black president.

Lee also said during an interview with entertainment website Vulture that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's religion is going to play a huge factor in the upcoming election:

VULTURE: Do you think that sense of historical moment would diminish if Obama lost?

SPIKE LEE: Maybe. Not to me. But to some.

VULTURE: Do you think if he does lose we will see a black president again anytime soon?

LEE: I will be dead before it happens.

For the record, Lee is 55.

Earlier in the interview, he had some rather shocking things to say about Romney:

VULTURE: How do you think President Obama is doing?

LEE: I support him; my wife and I gave a benefit for him at our house. But I think this election is going to be close. Bottom line, there are many people in America who look at themselves and say, “Am I better now than I was before?” It is going to be tooth and nail, and I think it is going to get nasty. But, in my opinion, if they are trying to bring up Reverend Jeremiah Wright again, they are really reaching. I hope and pray that people are not going to go for the Willie Horton okeydoke.

VULTURE: Do you think people will?

LEE: I got faith that they won’t. Honestly, though, the big question is, I think there will be a block of people saying, “I cannot vote for a Mormon.”

VULTURE: Are those people voting for Obama instead? That seems unlikely.

LEE: They got a tough decision: Obama or a Mormon. Their beliefs got them between a rock and a hard place.

Lee might find the results of a recent Gallup poll on this issue rather interesting: "Negativity toward a Mormon candidate increases from 10% among Republicans to 18% among independents to 24% among Democrats."

So Democrats are far more resistant to a Mormon presidential candidate than Republicans.

Maybe if Lee wants to be more open-minded, he should consider changing parties.

Don't hold your breath.

(HT Mediaite)

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