Howard Kurtz: 'The Media Man-Crush on John Roberts'

Here's a headline you likely never expected to see at the perilously liberal Daily Beast: "The Media Man-Crush on John Roberts, Conservative Who Saved Obamacare."

Inside Howard Kurtz's surprising piece, readers were treated to even more inconvenient truths about today's media:

One moment he is the bête noire of the left, a right-wing legal hack who lied about being a neutral umpire, and the next he is a profile in courage, rising above petty partisanship to do the right thing.

Is this a classic case of what many on the right carp about—that conservatives are depicted as having “grown” and “evolved” only when they move to the left?

In some ways, sure...But make no mistake: much of the MSM is in gushing mode.

Kurtz then cited the New York Times, Politico, and the New Republic as perfect examples of such gushing.

Surprisingly, he chose not to point his finger at any of the television networks including his own.

I guess beggars can't be choosers.

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