Kirk Douglas Tells Bill Maher 'F--k You!'

95-year-old actor Kirk Douglas on Friday did something that virtually every conservative in America would like to do to Bill Maher albeit not as vulgarly.

In the middle of an interview on HBO's Real Time, Douglas said to his host, "F--k you!" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary, serious vulgarity warning):

During a discussion about the days of Hollywood's blacklist, Maher said to his guest, "But I mean you had to hide. You were born a Jew. Your parents are from Russia. You couldn’t tell people in the '40s and '50s when you were a movie star that you were a Jew. It was like being gay then."

Douglas laughed and asked, “Do I have a choice?”

Maher simply answered, “Wow.”

“I think,” continued Douglas, “there’s too much religion. I think religion has caused so much catastrophe in the world.”

“You’re preaching to the choir,” said Maher as he applauded Douglas’s comment.

“Even the Jewish religion,” Douglas added. “I think Orthodox, Hasidic Jews are terrible.”

“Absolutely,” Maher agreed.

“Every religion has some part of it that doesn’t f—king work,” Douglas said.

“What did you say?” asked Maher.

“What did he say?” Douglas joked. “F—k you.”

“That’s what I thought you said,” replied Maher.

After the laughter subsided, Maher continued, “You changed your name to Kirk Douglas, and no one knew. I mean, you couldn’t admit back then that you were Jewish.”

“Now wait a minute,” Douglas interjected. “I admitted it.”

“Not to the public,” Maher said.

Douglas shook his head responding, “No.”

I guess he wasn't always Spartacus.

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