James Pethokoukis Smacks Down Eleanor Clift: GOP Isn't 'Anti-Immigration' - 'That's Just Wrong'

June 23rd, 2012 11:20 AM

A common media deception is to accuse Republicans of being anti-immigration.

When Newsweek's Eleanor Clift tried this on PBS's McLaughlin Group Friday, US News & World Report's James Pethokoukis quickly scolded, "They’re anti-illegal immigration. They’re not anti-immigration...That’s just wrong" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

During a discussion about President Obama's recent edict concerning young illegal immigrants not being deported, Clift said of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, "If he’s elected president, he will be leading a party that is largely anti-immigration."

Pethokoukis pounced, "No, I think they’re anti-illegal immigration. They’re not anti-immigration. They’re not anti-immigration. That’s a talking point. They’re pro-immigration. That’s just wrong."

Yes, it is just wrong, but you can't swing a dead cat in this country without hitting a liberal media member such as Clift making this dishonest claim.

Fortunately for Friday's viewers there was a conservative on the set to correct her for all too often there isn't and the offending party gets to make his or her talking point without challenge.

This deceit has been going on for years and it's high time the media get their facts straight on this controversial issue.

Or is that asking too much?