MSNBC’s Touré: Obama Being Interrupted 'Cannot Be Disconnected From the Fact That He’s Black'

June 15th, 2012 4:48 PM

NewsBusters reported moments ago that MSNBC contributor Julian Epstein strongly suggested President Obama being interrupted during a press conference in the White House Rose Garden Friday was because he was African-American.

About an hour later, MSNBC's Touré took it a step further saying definitively, "This disrespect of this human being cannot be disconnected from the fact that he’s black” (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

After Touré said this on the Dylan Ratigan Show, fellow MSNBC contributor Krystal Ball agreed saying, “100 percent.”

Host Ratigan asked Touré to elaborate.

“There is a basic, lesser humanity generally ascribed to black people, even one this alpha, this much in power, this much in control,” answered Touré.

“You’re saying the willingness for white power to disrespect black power is higher than white power to disrespect white power?” asked Ratigan.

“Absolutely,” Touré said, “or just for white people to see a black person in power and say, ‘I don’t have to respect you.’ And even at the point of decorum when he says, ‘I’m speaking, I have acknowledged you rude person. But we are doing this thing together, and I’m still talking.’ And he continues to interrupt. That’s when it gets really disrespectful.”

For those unfamiliar with Touré, he's also a 9/11 Truther.

That said, in the course of about an hour, three MSNBC contributors blamed this incident on the color of the President's skin.

Tough to believe in 2012, isn't it?