Chris Matthews Mocks Ann Romney for Having Horse That Might Go to Olympics

MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Wednesday mocked Ann Romney for having a horse that might be heading to London to represent America in the Olympics.

I guess aside from his obvious lack of national pride, the Hardball host didn't know that the wife of the Republican presidential candidate credits horseback riding with helping to reduce her multiple sclerosis symptoms (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

As the "Sideshow" segment of the show began, Matthews said, "Mitt Romney likes to rave about how he took charge of the 2002 Winter Olympics out in Utah, but there’s a more current Olympics story that he might not be too eager to flaunt. As it turns out, Ann Romney’s horse is in the running to head to the London Olympics after making the top three in a recent qualifying event. Stephen Colbert weighed in last night."

After a clip was shown of the Comedy Central comedian ripping the Romneys for their love of dressage aka “horse ballet” Tuesday, Matthews said, “Having a horse headed to the Olympics might not be campaign gold for Romney."

Having a horse representing your nation in the Olympics is something to be ashamed of?

Shouldn't that be something all Americans would be proud of?

I guess not when the owner is a Republican.

More importantly, wasn't Matthews being rather insensitive?

As reported Sunday (emphasis added), "Romney is avidly involved in the expensive world of dressage, sometimes known as “horse ballet,” and credits horseback riding for almost eliminating her symptoms from multiple sclerosis, which she was diagnosed with in 1998."

It's bad enough for a comedian to be mocking this, but a so-called journalist on a so-called news network?


Exit question for Mr. Matthews: Exactly how low are you willing to go to get President Obama reelected?

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