Filmmaker John Waters: All You Can Eat Restaurants Should be Illegal

If you’re afraid of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s call for limiting the size of soft drinks, you’re going to quake in your boots when you hear what filmmaker John Waters said Friday.

Appearing on HBO’s Real Time, Waters told host Bill Maher that he didn’t understand how all you can eat restaurants are legal (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

Well into the panel discussion segment, Maher brought up Bloomberg’s soft drink edict.

Waters replied, “I’m for it, I know what he means. But technically, how about all you can eat restaurants? They’re obscene to me. I don’t get how they’re legal.”

Yeah, because people shouldn’t be allowed to eat all they want because much like dogs we don’t know when we’re full.

On the other hand, Waters revealed his own inability to curtail consumption when he admitted that he used to smoke five packs of cigarettes a day despite them being “the only thing the government ever told you was true – they kill you.”

So maybe liberals who clearly can’t control their habits even when informed they’re killing themselves really need the government telling them what to do.

Just leave the rest of us that are capable of self-control out of it.


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